NIC Chile announces Registrars program for .CL

Comunicaciones 2018/12/27Registrar

NIC Chile announces the launching of the Registrars Program for .CL, which allows both national and international companies to market .CL domains.

These are companies that, after an accreditation process, are enabled to perform registrations and renewal of .CL domains, among others.

The program had a previous pilot phase, in which international companies that were already accredited as registrars with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) were invited to participate, and after complying with the legal requirements and the required technical tests, were authorized as registrars for .CL. In the same way, we invited national companies to become accredited as local registrars, complying with the corresponding accreditation program.

We now invite all companies interested in becoming strategic partners of NIC Chile, both national and foreign, to be accredited as registrars for .CL.

Currently, eleven companies are already authorized by NIC Chile. The list of accredited registrars and the conditions and procedures for applying to the program are available in the .CL Registry site:

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